Maya House of Cacao works closely with local farmers to ensure that their legacy and dedication to cacao is presented to the public as accurately as possible. In enabling visitors from all over the world to share in the culture of the native farmers of Belize, we are able to empower a new generation of farmers that take a newfound sense of pride in their work. It’s our way of saying thanks and recognizing the people that make chocolate in Belize possible.

In addition, we employ local farmers and members of the community to come and share their culture and way of life with tour groups and other visitors to the museum.
Giving back to the community is one of our core values, and we provide micro financing opportunities to the local community in order to fund primarily agricultural projects within Belize. In doing so, we are able to help support local farming efforts and expansions that would otherwise be impossible for farmers to take advantage of. So far, we have seen incredible success and advancement with this project and we are very excited to see it grow in the future. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, or become a sponsor, please reach out to us here.
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We are constantly in search of strategic partnerships with organizations who are interested in sustainable development in Belize and working with our network of farmers.