Maya House of Cacao was built in partnership with the European Union and the Toledo Cacao Growers Association with a goal to share with the world the history and culture of cacao in Belize from its early origins, all the way to the present day.

At the Maya House of Cacao, we have been able to bring in real-life tools and exhibits related to cacao growing, harvesting, and production of chocolate in order to show the public an informative and engaging museum that is enjoyable for all ages.

At the museum, visitors can enjoy the incredible history surrounding the origin of cacao, and how it is used today to create a treat loved by millions from all around the world: chocolate. While you’re here, why not go through the processes of creating your own? We have staff available to guide you through each step of the chocolate making process, from bean to bar.

Whether you’re a history buff or a chocolate fanatic, or even a bit of both, the Maya House of Cacao is sure to delight and open up the fascinating world of Mayan cacao and chocolate. We would love to see you here soon!